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In this series, we are asking you for your fashion tips and how you style your TCP's!
We've interviewed Elizabeth, content blogger for TCP, on how she styles her customised TCP trainers! Documenting the whole process, we've asked how the idea turned into the final product. If you are thinking of creating your own TCP trainers, look no further as we are about to give you the inspiration you need!

Style File:

Name: Elizabeth (she/her)

Favourite Colour: Sage Green

Favourite Artist: Elle Guest

Fashion Icon: Harry Styles


Elizabeth's Kicks:







How have you styled your custom trainer & why?

I love wearing monochromic looks, so I created an all green outfit - to match my trainers. I went for a plain top, patterned skirt and gold jewellery for that elegant spring vibe. This is an outfit that I would wear all the time, it's comfy, casual and minimal.

How was the customisation process?

It was so simple. I contacted TCP with my design idea and they brought it to life - a work of art! They are a true fashion statement and I love styling them!

What inspired you to create this design?

I'm obsessed with green but the thought of having green trainers, to me, didn't sound that appealing. I started scrolling through social platforms for green patterns and found a stunning green and white floral print. I opted for a patterned outer and a plain tick on the inner.


Feeling inspired or love this design? Request it here: Custom Requests Form


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