International UFO Day

02 July 2021

Can you spot one? With the day alternatively celebrated on 24th June, extra-terrestrial beings and supernatural phenomena are celebrated today! Whether you are a believer or not, UFO's are an iconic shape associated with the night sky and beyond.

If you are a fan of astrology or sci-fi, celebrate the day with your own customised space themed trainers - there are so many unique possibilities! Here are some ideas:


Design Ideas


Galaxies are so cool and can be designed in so many ways! To be bold, ask for your entire trainer to be painted like a galaxy - with hues of black, blue and purple, your shoes will be filled with shooting stars (but don't forget a UFO!) Instead design your customisation around a planet - opting for a complementary colour palette. Add your favourite space characters such as an astronaut on the swoosh, an alien on the backtab or even a rocket on the quarter! 🚀

Galaxy Tip - Robert Mill @the_customs_project

Phone Case

Up your phone case game by designing your own themed case! Create an abstract galaxy masterpiece or dedicate it to your favourite sci-fi character. How amazing is this astronaut case! Come in peace with an extra-terrestrial phone case - filled with UFO's, spaceships and aliens! 👽

Astronaut Phone Case - Robert Mill @the_customs_project

Will you be watching the sky today? Don't forget to be creative - I can't wait to see what you come up with! Use the code 'ELIZABETH15' for £15 off your order and tag @the_customs_project on Instagram to share your photos!

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